Think About What You Want

Instead of thinking about what they would like to happen, most people think about what they do not want to happen by picturing things going wrong.

You say you want to change, and have read this far. Maybe you do want change. Are you ready to use your imagination now you know that it is possible? Write down what you want to achieve.

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If in the space above you have written 'to stop smoking', 'to stop procrastinating' or 'to stop being stressed', what immediately comes to mind? In order not to think about something, you need first to think of it. The effect of this is to leave you focused on what you don't want, which is why you have probably found stopping in the past so difficult. The picture that comes to mind as you write out your description is of you doing whichever habit it is you want to break. You need to use a different approach.

Write down in the slot 'to be in control', 'to be on time' or 'to be more positive' instead. You will be creating a representation of something that you want your brain to find more evidence to support. This is what really can set you free from your habit.

If one desires a change, one must be that change before that change can take place.

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0 We all like the idea of being in control. 0 What is the picture you can see of yourself in control? 0 Can you see it well enough to describe it in detail? 0 Look at what you are wearing, the expression on your face, feel what 'in control' means to you. 0 Now step inside the picture.

0 Make the feeling of being the you that is in control twice as strong.

0 How do you feel about breaking your habit now?

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