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Martin Daly and Margo Wilson

Modern evolutionists are predominantly concerned with elucidating the functional organization of living creatures ( adaptation-ism ), with particular reference to the creative role of Darwinian selection ( selectionism ). Although effective psychological scientists (like other life scientists see Mayr, 1983) have always been adaptationists, they have not always been sophisticated selectionists. Psychologists have wandered down innumerable garden paths as a result of assuming that the adaptive complexity of brains and minds is organized to maximize some relatively proximal goal like happiness or homeostasis or self-actualization, rather than what evolutionary biology tells us that such complexity must really be organized to achieve, namely Darwinian fitness the proliferative success of the focal individual's genes, relative to their alleles, in circumstances like those confronted by its evolving ancestors.

Affect and Learning Mathematics

Interestingly, the three indicators of affect (sad-happy, tense-calm, and tired-excited) were unrelated to students' scores on the math exam. However, affect was significantly related to students' effort and cognitive regulation during the math exam. For effort regulation, students who reported being more excited than tired reported higher levels of persistence even when they did not want to work on the task (P .22, p .001). For cognitive regulation, students who reported feeling more happy than sad (P .13, p .05) and more excited than tired (P .16, p .01) also reported that they planned, monitored, and checked their work as they completed the number sequences on the computer. What is interesting about these findings is that both valence (sad-happy) and arousal (tired-excited) were predictors of students' cognitive regulation while only arousal (tired-excited) significantly predicted effort regulation. This may mean that arousal is important in terms of motivation to engage in the...

Faith Is A State Of Mind Which May Be Induced By Autosuggestion

The ether is a great cosmic mass of eternal forces of vibration. It is made up of both destructive vibrations and constructive vibrations. It carries, at all times, vibrations of fear, poverty, disease, failure, misery and vibrations of prosperity, health, success, and happiness, just as surely as it carries the sound of hundreds of orchestrations of music, and hundreds of human voices, all of which maintain their own individuality, and means of identification, through the medium of radio.

Emotional Intelligence From A Systems Perspective

The knowledge works pertains to cognitive or intellectual functions that enable understanding of both the self and the world. Components of knowledge works include mental models (e.g., explanatory style), intellectual abilities (e.g., general intelligence), and cognitive styles (e.g., field-dependence). The energy lattice pertains to motivational and emotional attributes that energize and direct behavior. Components of the energy lattice are motives (e.g., achievement), emotions (e.g., happiness), and emotional styles (e.g., neuroticism vs. emotional stability). The role player pertains to the social functions of personality and is responsible for planning and executing social behavior through social roles (e.g., leadership), social skills (e.g., acting skill), or physical-motor expression (e.g., gracefulness). Finally, the executive consciousness pertains to conscious awareness and self-regulatory functions. It also controls behavior by overseeing other areas of personality...

Gift Giving as Motivation

Think for a moment about Ebenezer Scrooge in the Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol. Remember when the Ghost of Christmas Past reminds him of the holiday parties his old employer used to throw Scrooge grudgingly admits that even though they cost his employer only a few pounds, the happiness those parties brought the staff was immeasurable.

Focus on the Task at Hand

Have you ever completely lost yourself in a task, so that the world around you disappears You lose track of time and are completely caught up in what you're doing. That's the popular concept of Flow, and it's an important ingredient to finding happiness. Having work and leisure that gets you in this state of flow will almost undoubtedly lead to happiness. People find greatest enjoyment not when they're passively mindless, but when they're absorbed in a mindful challenge.

US Beliefs About Learning

The third purpose of learning is to reach one's personal goals. Even though personal goals may include developing one's ability and skill as presented in the second purpose, they more often refer to notions of self-fulfillment, personal happiness, a well-rounded person, spiritual quest, or any personal goals individuals may desire and pursue. In the words of one respondent

Building Character Through Autosuggestion

Carnegie, I am already indebted to you for my choice of a life-work, which has brought me great happiness and peace of mind. I wish to acquire a thorough understanding of the principles of organized effort, which you used so effectively in the building of a great industrial enterprise. The chapter on the sixth sense was included, because the book is designed for the purpose of presenting a complete philosophy by which individuals may unerringly guide themselves in attaining whatever they ask of life. The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. The finishing point is that brand of KNOWLEDGE which leads to understanding understanding of self, understanding of others, understanding of the laws of Nature, recognition and understanding of HAPPINESS.

Imagining a Better

Draw up your own plan or map of where you are going. Imagine yourself, a year from today, living a happier and more fulfilled life. What changes will you have made How and where would you have started to make these changes We want you to become aware that you have the resources and passion to make your dreams come true you will not find true and lasting happiness in external stimulants or habits.

Emotions and Goal Pursuit

Emotions are specialized states shaped by natural selection to adjust multiple aspects of the individual in ways that enhance the ability to cope with the challenges that arise in certain situations (Nesse, 1990). These situations, such as attack by a predator, opportunity to mate, loss of a child, or attack by a dominant individual, contain major fitness challenges and have recurred often enough in the course of evolutionary history to have shaped specialized states of response. If the situations that arise in the pursuit of goals are indeed crucial to fitness, we should expect that each of them has shaped a corresponding emotion. Indeed, this seems to be the case. Some of our most powerful emotions fit naturally into a simple table based on whether the goal is positive or negative and whether it is in the future or the past. This basic quadripartite structure is by no means new. Aquinas, following Plato in the Protagoras, recognized four main emotions hope, fear, happiness, and...

Symptoms Of The Fear Of Poverty

The habit of putting off until tomorrow that which should have been done last year. Spending enough time in creating alibis and excuses to have done the job. This symptom is closely related to over-caution, doubt and worry. Refusal to accept responsibility when it can be avoided. Willingness to compromise rather than put up a stiff fight. Compromising with difficulties instead of harnessing and using them as stepping stones to advancement. Bargaining with Life for a penny, instead of demanding prosperity, opulence, riches, contentment and happiness. Planning what to do IF AND WHEN OVERTAKEN BY FAILURE, INSTEAD OF BURNING ALL BRIDGES AND MAKING RETREAT IMPOSSIBLE. Weakness of, and often total lack of self-confidence, definiteness of purpose, self-control, initiative, enthusiasm, ambition, thrift and sound reasoning ability. EXPECTING POVERTY INSTEAD OF DEMANDING RICHES. Association with those who accept poverty instead of seeking the company of those who demand and...

Power Moves

Is there someone you have watched undergo a remarkable change It might be losing weight, changing career or just being happier. A friend of ours who began exercising underwent just such a change. His sour expression disappeared, his beer-belly started to shrink and he looked happier and more in control of his life. We all wanted to know how he had

Old Man Worry

Kill the habit of worry, in all its forms, by reaching a general, blanket decision that nothing which life has to offer is worth the price of worry. With this decision will come poise, peace of mind, and calmness of thought which will bring happiness. Your business in life is, presumably to achieve success. To be successful, you must find peace of mind, acquire the material needs of life, and above all, attain HAPPINESS. All of these evidences of success begin in the form of thought impulses.

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