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Power Quadrant System

This product is going to show you one of the oldest ways that people used to know about their talents, people they should be with and who they truly are. Liz and Ric, the creators of this product have found out about this stone that can tell you about your life, they have dedicated their time and tested a calendar code system that has worked amazingly for them. They were finally able to know what they were supposed to do in life through the code enumerationof their DNA that the product will show you. This product will show you what you are best compatible with, your best strengths and people you are most compatible with, with just 53 minutes and a few papers you will get, you will be on your way to change our life to what it was supposed to be. All of this will come with gifts that will be downloaded to your laptop right after you purchase. You will get all the information you need to know about yourself to get started on your new natural life along with knowing aboutthe perfect life path based on who you are, knowing aboutyour soul mate's code, and many other things that will benefit you greatly, you will become the person that you were designed to be, instead of doing jobs your DNA has not designed you to do. More here...

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Highly Recommended

The author has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

As a whole, this e-book contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

What You Will Need for TTois Book

1 Every human being has positive worth. That worth is non-negotiable. Your worth is always there, and it's always going to be there, in spite of the behaviours and habits you may have picked up during your life, and however appropriate or inappropriate they may be. Nothing that happens in life can change that.

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Somewhere, as you read, the secret to which I refer will jump from the page and stand boldly before you, IF YOU ARE READY FOR IT When it appears, you will recognize it. Whether you receive the sign in the first or the last chapter, stop for a moment when it presents itself, and turn down a glass, for that occasion will mark the most important turning-point of your life.

Hme for Something

Stop looking for a scapegoat in your life but be willing to face the truth within yourself and right your own wrongs. How people think and learn is the same code by which their habit or habits are formed. Once you know how to crack the code of your own thought processes, you will be able to use what you find for the rest of your life in solving problems, thinking creatively, and more. You will start to notice how you approach issues in your life. Often, just this awareness can help you experiment with a different approach. Instead of allowing what has failed and what you no longer want to consume your thoughts, start right now by thinking about what it is you do want.

Getting into the Right State for Change

Think of an average day in your life in terms of a 24-hour clock. There is a good chance you spend at least eight of those hours asleep, relaxed, but what about the rest How much of that time do you spend angry, stressed, worried, upset, and how much relaxed, smiling or laughing

Staying Focused on What You Want

Your behaviour does not have to control your life. You have the resources and the ability to change. By learning to take control over pleasure and pain and making new choices about what you associate pleasure and pain with, you can alter your focus, renew your behaviour and change your life.

Ways to Sustain Motivation When Youre Struggling

The second half of motivation is to keep yourself going when you don't feel the same excitement as you did in the beginning. Perhaps something new has come into your life and your old goal isn't as much of a priority anymore. Perhaps you skipped a day or two and now you can't get back into it. Perhaps you screwed up and got discouraged.

Progress Progress Progress 5 Tips To Keep You Moving Forward

My mistake was not keeping my eyes on the prize. I had a set goal when I was in the store but I let myself go off track to play with some ideas. This was when I went off course. Try not to let yourself become distracted by all that is around you. You will always be bombarded with advertising of every kind. There will always be something you have to have or that will most certainly enhance your life . But most of the time these are just things that will pull you away from what's really important. So be very diligent in keeping your eyes on the prize.

Taking control of your selfconfidence

You can do this by taking control of your life, and taking control of your self-confidence. By taking concrete actions that improve your competence, your self-image, you can increase that self-confidence, without the help of anyone else. 10. Know your principles and live them. What are the principles upon which your life is built If you don't know, you will have trouble, because your life will feel directionless. For myself, I try to live the Golden Rule and fail often). This is my key principle, and I try to live my life in accordance with it. I have others, but they are mostly in some way related to this rule (the major exception being to Live my Passion ). Think about your principles you might have them but perhaps you haven't given them much thought. Now think about whether you actually live these principles, or if you just believe in them but don't act on them.

Go back to the beginning

Sometimes the problem is just that you have lost the vision that you started with. In the beginning our dreams are very enticing. But then that feeling starts to fade. We quickly forget what our dream looks like. We can't see it, smell it or touch it. Without this picture of what we are striving for we will most certainly lose the drive to seek it out. So it is important to go back to the beginning when you first started your journey. Try to remember exactly WHAT you are after. Try to re-paint the picture of your dream with the same brush, with the same thoughts and feelings that you had when you first created this work of art. There's a good chance that you will start to see things that you had forgotten and remember exactly WHY you are seeking these upgrades to your life.

The Magical Power of Focus

* If you wake up in the morning and think about the miserable things you need to do later in the day, you'll have a miserable day. If you wake up and focus instead on what a wonderful gift your life is, you'll have a great day. Let's look at some of the ways you can use focus to improve different aspects of your life.

Creative Visualization Notebook

Make a list of everything you feel you are a success at, or have been a success at, or have done successfully at some time in your life. Include things in all areas of your life, not just your work. Write down everything that has meaning for you, even if it might not be meaningful to someone else. Keep adding to it as you think of more things, or accomplish new successes. The purpose of this list is to 4. Appreciation list. Make a list of everything you can think of that you are especially thankful for, or that you especially appreciate having in your life. Making and adding to this list can really open up your heart, and your awareness of the many riches we all have in our lives that we often take for granted. It increases your realization of prosperity and abundance on every level, and thus your ability to manifest. satisfaction in life, which in turn helps you to come from a clearer space in creating your life.

Lesson 9 Just Go Home

If you're like 99.9 percent of the working world, your life has become more complex in recent years. You work long hours you even work on your laptop computer while traveling on a plane or sitting in a hotel room. You're available by pager, cell phone, and Internet 24 hours a day. Oh, and by the way, you might also have a family, friends, and personal interests to juggle. That's not even mentioning those really fun chores like getting your driver's license renewed or your cable TV hooked up in your new apartment.

We All Make Them We All Have Them

Many people believe that mistakes reveal their weaknesses. Often professional sportspeople do not like admitting, even to themselves, that they have any weaknesses. But if we choose to ignore them, what happens They resurface at the most trying of times and can often bring us down. Just one mistake, for many, is sufficient excuse to throw in the towel. How much better and more productive to learn from and even mentally correct our mistakes. If you have time to think about throwing in the towel, you also have the time to think about success. Which do you think is more worth making the focus of your life Anyone who has experienced success knows how to master failure. Failing is part of succeeding and mistakes are mishaps, not crises. Acknowledge them, correct them, and then let them go. Do not let them govern or sabotage your new life. Successful people only ever see things working out. To them, a mistake is an opportunity.

US Beliefs About Learning

The third kind of achievement addresses being the best one can be in learning. Compared to the first two standards that also imply social recognition, the third standard is a more intra-personal delineation of being one's best. One sets his or her own goal of achievement and strives for it. As respondents articulated, excellence comes from pursuing your own learning and striving to be your best academically, making the most of your life circumstances.

Building Character Through Autosuggestion

Emerson, I desire to acquire from you the marvelous understanding of Nature which distinguished your life. I ask that you make an impress upon my subconscious mind, of whatever qualities you possessed, which enabled you to understand and adapt yourself to the laws of Nature. I ask that you assist me in reaching and drawing upon whatever sources of knowledge are

Discovering Our Higher Purpose

In fact, most people seem to go to great lengths to hide it from themselves and from the world. They fear and seek to avoid the power, responsibility, and light that comes with acknowledging and expressing their true purpose in life. As you use creative visualization, you will find that you become more and more attuned to and aware of your higher purpose. Notice the elements that tend to recur in your dreams, goals, and fantasies, the particular qualities that are there in the things you find yourself doing and creating. These are important clues to the underlying meaning and purpose of your life. In using creative visualization, you will find that your ability to manifest will work to the degree that you are in alignment with your higher purpose. If you try to manifest something and it doesn't seem to work, it may not be appropriate to the underlying pattern and meaning of your life. Be patient and keep tuning into your inner guidance. In retrospect, you will see that...

Creative Visualization is the art of

Using mental imagery and affirmation to produce positive changes in your life. It is being successfully used in the fields of health, education, business, athletics, and the creative arts. With over two million copies sold in the U.S., and translated into 25 languages, this pioneering bestseller and perennial favorite helped launch a new movement in the personal growth field when it was first published more than 20 years ago. Now it has been completely revised and updated. Creative Visualization contains meditations, exercises, and techniques that can become part of your everyday routine to increase your personal mastery of life. want in your life change negative habit patterns

Creative Visualization in Relationships

Take an attitude of total responsibility about your relationship. Assume for a moment that you alone are responsible for creating it the way it is, no matter how much it may look to you like the other person is responsible for certain things. If there are certain things about the relationship that are unsatisfying to you, ask yourself why and how you have created it that way. Keep in mind, however, that taking responsibility for your life does not mean that you are to blame for the problems in your life or relationship.* See if you can discover what core beliefs you have that cause you to create a less than satisfying, happy, loving relationship. What is the payoff for you in keeping yourself in an unhappy space (There is always a payoff in everything we do otherwise we wouldn't do it.) If you truly desire to have deeply fulfilling, happy relationships in your life, if you believe that it is possible for you to have them, and if you are willing to accept that happiness and...

You Are What You Think

What do you think the basic quality of your life comes down to We believe it is defined by how well or how badly we communicate with ourselves. We are always asking ourselves questions, talking to ourselves and giving ourselves messages. The conclusions and answers we draw from these conversations help us to reach decisions about the way we live our lives. The problem is, most people ask themselves the wrong questions, such as 'Why didn't it work ', 'Why can't I do that ', 'Why don't they like me ' or 'Why did they say that ' We believe it is important to be aware of what thoughts control our lives. Most people do not even question their thoughts, or consider where their thoughts might be taking them. Once you understand that your thoughts play a crucial role in the direction your life takes, you are in a position to begin learning how to control them and ultimately live the life you want. Once you start practising this you will discover all sorts of new opportunities and directions...

Now Change Is Possible

We won't give up on you, because we believe in you. We love people who put up their hands and say 'Hey, I have got a problem and I want to change it,' because what you are saying is you want your life to get better and you are prepared to do something different and new. Now we need you to make that decision to change, and stick with it, whatever it takes. It is often surprising how very little it takes.


The Habit-busting techniques and strategies in this book will help you to unlearn your bad habits and replace them with more productive and enjoyable ways of living your life. You will learn how to make simple but highly effective changes, and ultimately you will gain more control and become freer and happier.

Keys To Power

When you show yourself in the world and display your talents, you naturally stir up all kinds of resentment, envy, and other manifestations of insecurity. This is to be expected. You cannot spend your life worrying about the petty feelings of others. With those above you, however, you must take a different approach When it comes to power, outshining the master is perhaps the worst mistake of all.


Many people think change is difficult. They have been conditioned to believe that. But think of all the other times in your life when you've changed. The clothes you wear, the places you go, the things you talk about are probably vastly different now from what they were 10 years ago. You made a transition,

Getting Results

Although you know the difference, your brain cannot distinguish between the real and the imagined holiday. The more you think about the one you made up, the more your brain starts to think that it is real. Because the nervous system cannot distinguish between a real and an imagined experience, if practised enough, the thoughts we have become a plan of what we are going to do. And the more clearly thought-out and distinctive our desire, the more passionately we will pursue it. One of the keys to breaking a habit is to start imagining your life in the future, free from the habit,

Healing Meditations

If there is a particular part of your body that has been ill or is in pain, ask that part of you whether it has a message for you. Ask whether there is something you need to understand or to do, right at this moment or in your life in general. Remain quiet for a few minutes and notice if any words, images, or feelings come to you in response to these questions.


Try on the idea of being this other person, have a feel for what they would feel or do in any given situation. Imagine they do not have the habit. How different from you are they If you were them, what would you be doing instead of the habit How different would your life be Be that person for a day. Notice the difference, and practise noticing.

Setting Goals

Discovering what you want in your life can be facilitated by the process of setting goals. I often find it helpful to do some exercises with pen and paper, which I share with you here. When you are working on setting goals it's important to keep a few things in mind. channel your natural creative energy, thereby helping you to outflow and contribute to the world, which enhances your feeling of well-being and satisfaction in life. Goals are there to help you and support you in your true purpose. The purpose of this exercise is to loosen you up and get you thinking about what you want in the various areas of your life. When you have finished this, add one more category World situation environment. Describe the kinds of changes you would like to see happen in the world in your lifetime, if you could have the power to change things world peace, the end of poverty, people becoming conscious of one another and the earth, living in harmony with nature, schools transformed into exciting...

How to Be Successljl

After all, if your life is not the way you want it to be, who is responsible Fair enough, your parents, siblings, relatives, partners, teachers and friends might have played some part, but come on, who is ultimately responsible Are you really willing to change your life and take on new habits, or do you just think it is a nice idea If you think it is merely a nice idea or is something you think you 'should' do, forget about it.

Just Try It

When confronting change, many people react in extremes. They either dig in their heels or lie down and roll over. The ability to be flexible will help you avoid these extremes, both of which are counterproductive. It will also help you to keep your balance and make a knowledgeable assessment of the value of change. You need a clear head to evaluate whether a change will have a positive or negative effect on your life.

How Our Brains Work

In order to change a habit, we need to reprogramme our brains. Are you going to rely on cigarettes, alcohol or drugs for the rest of your life Instead of smoking, overeating or biting our nails because it might help you to feel better (temporarily), you need to build new neurological pathways in the brain to tell you that another kind of behaviour - say, going for a walk, lying down for 10 minutes, or doing something

Treasure Maps

Create a treasure map for a single goal or area of your life, so that you can be sure to include all the elements without getting too complicated. This enables the mind to focus on it more clearly and easily than if you include all your goals on one treasure map. You might want to do one treasure map for your relationships, one for your job, one for your spiritual growth, and so on.

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